What to expect from mass discounting and shopping days: threat horizon for Black Friday and Cyber Monday EN

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Pay close attention to today's post because we bring you an article about the cyberthreats that we can face these next days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

New threat agents: traffers EN

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In today's article we bring you a report on the new threat actors, the traffers. The current cyberthreat landscape is full of actors who, for the most part, pursue a purely economic benefit from their attacks. Within this cybercrime ecosystem, the figure of traffers, known in the underground community as "workers" or "traffic generators", has been gaining special relevance in recent months. These cybercriminals are specialized in redirecting user navigation to malicious content and, together with the figure of administrators, are responsible for monetizing the traffic of credential logs through the sale to third parties of the information compromised through this procedure, which employs traditional techniques such as phishing campaigns and malware.